I include in this collection some of the moments I spent at NID (National Institute of Design) Ahmadabad. Even though I didn’t complete my studies (I had to quit the studies after 8 months because of personal reasons)or get a degree from the institution the time I spent there I still cherish much; the same applies to my interactions with the teachers and my fellow students there.

It must be the amazing atmosphere of creativity or the friendship and camaraderie, as well as the interaction I had with my gurus which made the experience so unforgettable. I met many artists and designers in that great campus. But more than anything it is the basic philosophy of NID – the philosophy of Charles and Ray Eames as they put forward their India report to Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru – that made the place extremely unique. I still remember our design faculty Sree Ranjan telling us about the philosophy behind designing. He was the one who always told us about the difference between designing a ‘chair’ or ‘something to sit on’. There were many like him who were able to mould the young generation into great designers. They were the ones who taught us to be different as designers. Such is the class of NID education! Later many of the unorthodox but effective methods of NID I took into my teaching which made a difference not only in my career but in my way of seeing things also. So I believe if and only if I put these memories would my website become complete.