Years back I got a chance to participate in this interdisciplinary, intercultural project ‘Religion & Music’ which my teacher Moorthy was assisting for a Swiss Television program. Religion & Music was done as a series of documentaries about the famous Swiss percussionist Mr. Pierre Favre, his art and his interaction with music and music related personalities in various countries and cultures. The Kerala chapter of the same was done as a travelogue of Mr. Pierre as he meets various famous cultural personages, participates in their activities, and partakes of musical rituals.

Since I was much into the traditional art forms of Kerala, especially Kerala percussion, it fell into my hands to do the ground research for the same. I enjoyed the assignment more than anything as it gave me the chance not only to explore the art I love but to spend a great amount of time with the great maestro himself as he traveled across the length and breadth of this country. I acted in the documentary too – a totally different experience to me since in no way I am an actor – as somebody assisting in his researches on music of this place. By the end of the program we had such a great time and close relationship – a relationship surpassing all barriers of religion, cast, creed, country and colour – which I keep and cherish even now. It has made a remarkable difference in my whole art-life and career.