After a long interval when I had decided to exhibit again in a gallery (usually I used to find my own space for gallery; seldom did I exhibit in traditional galleries) ‘Point of view’ happened to be the first show. It was an exhibition sponsored by Kerala Lalitha Kala Akademi done here in Chithrasala, Thrissur.

Point of view (P.O.V) comprised of works I have done during 2009/2010. The idea was to show things from the point of view of the spectator. It is evident that the meanings change as the point of view changes. So meaning is always relative to the spectator never an absolute. This exhibition was full with my ‘school’ drawings and self portraits. A big gap can be seen between these two but for me they are two very different parts of a jig-saw that I am exploring through my art.

The inauguration was done in an interesting fashion. A small girl Savithri added a tail to the drawing of an elephant on a black board (reminiscent of the famous childhood game). There were some installations too to provide a school-like atmosphere.