I am Niranjana (the one and only), born on 11th of November, year 1974 in a little township Tripunithura near Ernakulam. I come from Kerala, a thin strip of land situated at the southern most part of India. Our state is famous for its gorgeous elephants, colourful temple festivals, exotic drum music, ladies with soulful eyes and long dark hair and the perfect monsoon. The legend is that our land was submerged in water and rose from the sea many years ago. We have almost 6 months of continuous, pouring rain while the remaining six months are filled with festivals. In fact here we calculate years with respect to the monsoon (Varsha).

My birth place, Tripunithura, used to be a sleepy little village kept hidden away from the noise of the now smart-city of Kochi. Like a haven; a place full of mystery and magic. The place was famous for its sacred groves, folk tales, unique rituals, gods, ghosts and gossips. I spent all of my earlier childhood enjoying and fearing these ghost stories. It has to be one of the reasons why I still practice art.

I come from a long line of matriarchs where the reign is passed on from mothers to daughters. The place where I live now could boast at least 5 generations of my mother’s blood line while my father is from the royal family of Kochi. A brother, 11 years older to me is the only sibling I have. I was not the result of my parents’ passion; rather the dream of my big brother. His request for a baby sister was the sole reason for even my existence. It was through his eyes that I first saw the world; through his words I first learnt about it. For communication we seldom need verbal language. This uncut umbilical cord between us might be the only other reason why I exist in this world as I am; an artist. I always consider us as twins born 11 years apart----