1. Name: Niranjana Varma
  1. Date and place of Birth: 18/11/1974, Tripunithura, Ernakulam Dist., Kerala.
  1. Address: Parvathi Sadanam, Chembukkavu, Thrissur, Kerala.
  1. Educational Qualifications:
    1. Graduate in Physics from Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur (1995) with first class.
    2. BFA in painting from College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram (1999) with first class and first rank.
  1. Awards and recognitions:
    1. Recipient of the award for outstanding student of Art (1998/99) by Kerala Lalitha Kala Akademi.
    2. Participated in the Group study exchange program conducted by Rotary club to South Africa as part of the cultural exchange program. (2010)
  1. Animation Career:
    1. Completed a course in animation from Centre for Development in Imaging Technology (C-Dit) in 1999
    2. Worked as an animator in the short Malayalam animation film 'Of fish and tales' directed by Sri. Prakash Moorthy, a co-production of C-Dit and the Child Literature Institute Kerala. (2001)
    3. Worked under Sri. Moorthy for 4 years.
    4. Worked as Faculty in animation in C-Dit (2002-03)
    5. Worked as Faculty in animation St. Joseph's College of communication (SJCC) Changanasseri (2005-06)
    6. Head of the Department, Animation, Arena Multimedia, Kesavadasapuram, Tvm. (2007-08)
    7. Guest Faculty in Animation, S H School of Communication, Thevara, Ernakulam. (2013 to present day)
  1. Important Art shows and Exhibitions:
    1. Exhibition of Paintings, Durbar Hall, Ernakulam. (1995)
    2. Akademi Sponsored painting exhibition,'Chithrasala', Kerala Lalitha Kala Akademi, Thrissur. (1996)
    3. 'Aakri' roadside show of paintings, outside wall of SMV High School, Tvm. (2002)
    4. 'Silence' Rehabilitation Exhibition of Art which included the animation film 'Stain', General and Mental Hospital, Tvm. (2003)
    5. 'Ormakalute Thirumuttam' (The sacred yard of memories), exhibition of Tripunithura royal palace paintings, Royal family pavilion, Tripunithura temple premises. (2008)
    6. 'Thattinpuram' (The attic) Exhibition of Art, included new concept of 'Ani-paintings', sound effects, installations performances etc., Chunangad, Ottapalam, Palakkad Dist. (2009)
    7. 'Sankalanam' (The Integration), the one day program on Visual Art, an effort to connect various visual arts which concluded in the 4D painting (a multimedia theatre show) 'Onnamande Parajayam (Defeat of No.1) based on a poem by the Malayalam poet Sri. Balachandran Chullikkadu. (2010)
    8. 'The Point of View', Lalitha Kala Akademi sponsored painting show, 'Chithrasala', Thrissur. (2010)
    9. 'Iyyayyayyo', Sari painting show done as a part of the temple festival celebrations of Chinakkathore temple Ottapalam, Palakkad Dist. (2012)
    10.  'Vrischikam' (The Scorpio), Sari painting show, Tripunithura. (2012)
    11. Vrikshavela (Worshiping tree installation) at Palavaka campus Thrissur (2013)
    12. 'Kuthivara' (The scribble), worked as a curator and mentor of Children's painting show, 'Chithrasala', Thrissur. (2014)
    13. 'Sannidhyam' (The Presence), worked with sculptor Nandakumar, Pune in the Biennale 2012 in the collateral 'Land Re-formed', Mattancheri palace premises. (2014)
    14. 'Vari/Vara' (Written line/Drawn line), visualization of the stories of Malayalam short story written Sri. Ashtamoorthi and painting show, 'Chithrasala' which included the floral painting with natural colour powders. (2015)
    15. A/Kuppam, a show of waste material 'Bomma Kolu' in connection with the Navarathri celebrations of Palavaka, Palavaka campus, Thrissur (2015)
    16. 'Thaari' a poetry performing program, Chunangad, Ottapalam, Palakkad Dist. (2016)
    17. 'Kooli', a performing installation program connected with Palavaka annual day celebrations at Palavaka campus, Thrissur (2016)
  1. Important group shows:
    1. Participated in Southern Region painting exhibition, Regional Lalith Kala Academy. (2002)
    2. 'Inner Space 'miniature art show, Sooryakanthi Art gallery, Tvm. Participated with a miniature animation shown as an 'Ani-Painting'.
    3. 'Chithra chantha' (Art Market) a group art selling program by Kerala Lalitha Kala Akademi. (2013)
  1. Other Art activities:
    1. Assisted in 'Religion and Music' an interdisciplinary intercultural video periodical program done as a travelogue of famous Swiss percussionist Pierre Favre. (2001)
    2. Director of children's painting camp conducted by M.P. Govinda Menon trust, Ottapalam. (2012)
    3. Exhibition of Mementos of the famous percussion maestro Sree Mattannur Sankarankutty Marar (2014)
  1. Important Art Camps:
    1. 'Wintery' Lalitha Kala Akademi International painter's Camp, Thrissur. (2009/10)
    2. National Women's painting camp, University campus, Kozhikode. (2011)
    3.  'Heritage Wall' cement relief camp, Thrissur. (2014)
  1. Other Assets:
    1. Performs classical dance (Mohiniyattom, Bharatha natyam)
    2. Plays Kerala Drums (chenda)
    3. Kalamezhuthu. (Traditional floral painting with natural colour powders)
    4. Recitation of Malayalam poetry and poetry performance (under the name 'Thaari').
  1. Present activities:
    1. Founder of 'Palavaka' (miscellaneous) an Art and design studio. Classes are conducted for budding artists, an open campus where artists can meet share and practice their own art.
    2. Trying to combine various visual art forms and experimenting with medium to evolve a new style of painting.
    3. Various other visual art activities of Palavaka. 'Theetta' is an interesting concept of conducting a weekend food program in which Amma's Masala dosas are made to order.

Presently working at Thrissur in her own design studio ‘Palavaka’.
‘Palavaka’, Parvathi Sadanam, Chembukkavu, Thrissur. 680020
Kerala, India.
Phone: +91 487 2332645 Mob. +91 9495826836