Theetta is a weekend food program launched by Palavaka. My mother used to make exotic Masala dosas in the traditional way but with her own tasty twist. All of us inmates of the house, my friends and students used to praise the quality of her dosas. It was pure pleasure for her to feed all of us till we are full. It is her enthusiasm and ecstasy that later urged me to design this restaurant idea. The idea was to launch a food parcel program i.e. food made to order and packed away. The restaurant works only during weekends and only a number of 40 masala dosas will be made.

The Inauguration was done by my brother Nandakishore Varma by eating the first dosa she made. My student Medha recited poem ‘Ammayute ezhuthukal’ (Letters of Amma) written by Malayalam poet Sree V. Madhusoodanan Nair. The lighting of the lamp was done by another student of mine Chaithanya whose dream was to become a chef in future. From that day till date we are supplying masala dosas on weekends to the community as the order comes. This way everybody around us is enjoying the taste of my Amma’s dosa!

In future I have plans to upgrade this idea and convert our old kitchen (this is my mother’s family house so the place has a big old kitchen that we no longer use) into a ‘Kitchen restaurant’ where people could sit chat and eat as the food is being made. Just like in older days we used to eat in the kitchen right from the frying pan to the plate, when food was given freely and it was not a commodity for sale.